About us

The Brand
overthetop® was founded in 2015 and introduced the first styled & ready-to-wear hairpieces designed to enhance natural afro hair. Our eye-catching, handcrafted units are lightweight, easy to install and will support you on your most awkward or lazy hair days, and basically anytime you feel like switching it up. Simply enjoy the convenience, have fun with variety and get a unique, fierce finishing touch like no other.
The Creator & Founder: Shaneka Neymour
After the big chop, I really didn’t know what to do with my hair. I did it confidently but impulsively with hopes of achieving healthier, growing hair. I looked to others for help to get adjusted, which I still do, so I never thought this journey would lead to me coming up with something cool for hair, let alone inspiring and helping other naturals all over the world. And the best part about it is that we still look natural! 
6 months into my journey and enough hair to attach something to, I was experimenting with protective styles, but after trying several options I wasn’t satisfied. What I considered to be the ultimate solution couldn’t be found anywhere, so I created it myself.
We're excited to be apart of your natural hair journey and bring you fun, stylish products that support you along the way.
Creator of O.T.T.